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7 Expert Tips to Glow like a Brazilian Beach Beauty - Best Bronze

7 Expert Tips to Glow like a Brazilian Beach Beauty

No one knows how to stay beach ready and beautifully bronzed better than women from the land of sunshine and Carnivals. Brazilian models like Alessandra Ambrosio swear by self-tanner to maintain their healthy golden glow. So, whether you’re getting ready for a tropical get-away (lucky you!) or you just want to feel good naked (who doesn’t?)…Follow these simple steps to looking naturally sun-kissed all year long, without exposure to the sun’s harmful rays!


1. Find Your Favorite


There are a lot of self-tanners on the market and choosing one can get a little overwhelming. We all have the FEAR of turning into an orange, streaky mess…but using an at home spray can help you get flawless coverage, even in those hard to reach places! Best Bronze Self Tan Spray has been a top seller in Brazil for 10+ years and was also rated the #1 best self-tanner by Glamour Brazil. It’s colorless, lightweight, quick-drying formula will give you a natural, even tan, that looks like you spent the afternoon lying in the sand!


(AND an added bonus: Because it’s colorless, it only develops color on your skin. Which means no more stains on your sheets or clothing!)



2. Tackle Your Beauty Checklist


Before you even think about applying self-tanner, tackle all of your beauty needs first. Waxing, shaving or getting a mani-pedi can all ruin your perfect faux glow. So be sure you get everything done beforehand.


3. Say Goodbye to Dead Skin


Exfoliation is key! Even the most perfectly applied self-tanner can go horribly awry if you don’t scrub away dry dead skin first. For best results, use exfoliating gloves or try the Best Bronze Pre-Tan Exfoliating Soap Bar. Scrub from head to toe paying close attention to your knees and elbows. Also, steer clear of oil-based body scrubs, they can leave behind a greasy residue that can cause your color to streak.


4. It’s All in the Application


Once you’re completely dry from the shower, add back in a little moisture. Confusing right? Well, it’s important to gently moisturize dry spots like the tops of your hands, knees, elbows and heels. These areas will suck up tanner. A lightweight lotion helps create a color barrier, so you don’t end up with dark, blotchy spots. Next, spray Best Bronze Self Tan Spray from about 5 inches away, in a sweeping motion starting from the bottom up. Then blend with hands or latex gloves, in a circular motion, going lightly around the feet.


5.  About Face


A lot of women are afraid of applying self-tanner to their faces (rightfully so!) but your head needs to match your body! Now, of course, you can use a bronzing powder, but why add the extra step to your makeup routine if you don’t have to? When applying self-tanner on your face, follow the same steps above, but instead of using a light moisturizer on your drier body parts, apply a light barrier to your eyebrows and hairline. Then spray a small amount of tanner into the palm of your hands and dab on the areas the sun would naturally hit like your forehead, noses, cheekbones and chin. Then blend gently out toward the hairline. Wash your hands and let your entire tan dry for about 3 minutes. Then get dressed (worry free!) and wait for your golden glow to develop in 3-6 hours.


 (TIP: Don’t get caught wearing white gloves! Be sure to apply a SMALL amount of tanner to the tops of your hands using a sponge or a mitt, then blend from the wrist towards the knuckles, bending your fingers)


6. Glow-On!


Now that you look like you just got back from Rio de Janeiro, you want to maintain that gorgeous tan! Lock in your color while nourishing and hydrating your skin with Best Bronze Post Tan Moisturizing Soap Bar. Keeping your skin moisturized will help prevent uneven fading. If you want to take your tan to the next level try Best Bronze Luminate Sexy Body Shimmer. A subtle body shimmer made with golden mica that’s going to amp up your color and leave your skin glowing. It’s the perfect addition to your tan when you really want to shine!




7. Protect Your Skin


The most important step in your self-tanning routine is to protect your skin. Skin cancer, brown spots and premature aging can all be a result of too much UV exposure. You may look gorgeously bronzed but your skin is still vulnerable. So be sure to apply sunscreen every day!


Best Bronze Self Tanner 150mlLuminate Sexy Shimmer


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