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Enjoy the perfect tan, with love from Brazil

Every Brazilian women has the beach in her soul.

The crystal-blue water, white sand and mountains. The sound of samba drifting from a beachside bar. The smell of the salty mist from the sea.

The feeling of sun warming us as we play beach volleyball with friends. Our hearts bursting with life and laughter as we gather with family by the water.

It isn’t just a strip of sand next to the ocean for us. For a Rio girl, the beach is where we met our first boyfriend and fell in love, where our babies took their first steps, where we go to relax, dance, meet and mingle every day.

Oh and of course, swim in the ocean too.

Our love of the beach life inspires a special kind of beauty. We radiate a sultry golden glow, a perfect tan highlighted by a skimpy bikini at any age.

In fact, we wouldn’t dare step foot on the beach without being lusciously bronzed. It makes us feel confident and sexy. A tan also helps hide any imperfections like cellulite, so we look thinner.

We have mastered the art of the tan.

And we’re smart too. Brazilian women want to preserve their youthfulness and avoid the damage and cancer risk of UV exposure.

Once upon a time, self-tanner seemed to be the answer to all those desires – a way to get a tan at home before hitting the beach and without sun exposure.

But self tanners were sad. So sad. Smelly, streaky, sticky. They would take forever to dry and stain our clothes and hands. Not to mention we would end up a weird orange color.

But “gatinhas” (our slang for sexy ladies) are clever.

Twelve years ago, we decided to fix all those problems.

We invented Best Bronze: It’s a foolproof spray that dries completely in just three minutes. Best Bronze is absolutely colorless and will not stain clothing or sheets. It works on all skin types, body and face. No added fragrance. You apply Best Bronze in seconds and get a gorgeous, streak-free tan that lasts for days. It comes with gloves that protect your hands from discoloration.

Best Bronze is made in Brazil and has been the Number One-selling self-tanner in Brazil for the last 11 years. In fact, it outsells all other self-tanners in Brazil combined.


Brazilian supermodel Alessandria Ambrosio uses it, as does fellow supermodel Irina Shayk. And top bloggers like Camilla Coelho rave about Best Bronze. Elle magazine calls it one of the best “under the radar” beauty products from Brazil, and Glamour Brazil voted Best Bronze the best.

With Best Bronze, we can have that summer feeling any day of the year. It connects us to the joyful feeling we love about the beach.

It’s so good, we couldn’t keep it to ourselves.

Because American women deserve to feel beach beautiful too, we brought Best Bronze to the USA.

Try it and you will see. As well as a fabulous tan, you’ll have a samba swing to your hips and that sexy “Girl from Ipanema” feeling. Every day is a beach day for the Best Bronze woman.

Best Bronze: From Us to You. Com Amor (with love).







Our industry-best 30-day money-back guarantee gives you

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