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5 Must Try Tips for Sexy, Supermodel Legs - Best Bronze

5 Must Try Tips for Sexy, Supermodel Legs

Every woman dreams of having gorgeous, flawless legs like Gisele Bundchen and although you may have not been born with the perfect set of stems, you can certainly look like you were. Try these 5 easy tips and get ready to strut down the street like it’s your own personal catwalk!


  1. Pretty Up that Pedicure


First of all, there is absolutely no reason for having flawless legs if your feet are a mess…so be sure you get that pedicure on point!  Summer is the best time to experiment with fun, bold hues on your toes. So, try Pantone’s color of the year with a vibrant Violet, or go full mermaid with shimmering shades of aqua or flash back to the 80’s with glowing neon nails. Not only will your pedicure be right on trend…it will also help your tan pop!



  1. Scrub-a-dub


Next, hop in the shower, shave and scrub! Now I know it seems like every skin “how-to” list includes exfoliation, and that’s because it probably does. It is one of the most important things you can do for your skin. Removing hair along with dry, dead skin reveals a smooth, glowing surface which creates the perfect canvas for your products. Just be sure to use a non-oily scrub so you don’t leave any residue which will actually interfere with whatever you are applying. 



  1. Go Undercover


Pantyhose and warm weather just don’t mix, so cover imperfections with a high coverage, matte leg makeup. Best Bronze Leg Makeup is an easy to use spray that instantly camouflages spider veins, scars, freckles, uneven skin tone, stretchmarks and cellulite. All you do is simply spray your legs and blend with a body a mitt. Its quick drying, transfer resistant and waterproof. Which means you can even wear a white dress or go in the pool and you don’t have to worry about it coming off!


       (Tip: Try a shade up from your natural color if you want a more tanned look)


  1. Shine Bright


    You never want to add moisturizer or a full shimmer over your leg makeup, it will negate the fact that it doesn’t transfer. However, a little glow can go a long way! So, once your leg makeup is completely dry, spray Best Bronze Luminate into the palm of your hand, dip a makeup sponge into the shimmer and then gently dab down the length of your shin bone. This will give your legs added shine while maintaining the integrity of your leg makeup.



  1. Shoe Are You?


       Believe it or not the shoes you choose can change the look of your legs. So if

      you want your gams to look longer and leaner, a nude heel is a must. The color blends with your skin visually extending the length of your leg, while the heel engages your muscles making your calves look shapelier and your booty look higher. It’s a win-win!




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