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What is the difference between the tinted and the clear self –tanning mousse?
The difference is that the tinted self-tanning mousse has a color guide so you can see exactly where you applied  the mousse, and it will also give you an instant tan. The results from both of them can last up to 15 days and it will take at least 4-5 hours for the tan to become waterproof.
Will the tinted self-tanning mousse stain my clothes?
Once the product dries, it should not transfer to your clothes. If it does, it should be a minimal amount of product that can be washed off. It will not leave any stains that cannot be removed.
Does it have a bad smell?
For the Tinted Self-tanning mousse, we offer two types: The Vanilla Scent and Free of Fragrance.
How do I do my foot and hands with the tinted self-tanning mousse?
We recommend applying a moisturizer first to those areas and then use our vegan kabuki brush.
Apply a small amount of product on the kabuki brush and spread evenly on your hands and feet. For a more natural look, we recommend rinsing off within 4-6 hours.