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FAQ - Bombshell

Does it have a smell?
Bombshell Body and Leg Makeup is free from fragrance.

Will Bombshell Body and Leg Makeup cover age spots, dark spots, spider veins, cellulite , scars and tattoos?
Yes! Bombshell Body and Leg Makeup has a high coverage with a concentrated blend of pigments to provide the perfect coverage. Bombshell body and leg makeup will also help to reduce the appearance of cellulite.  

Can I apply a moisturizer before or after?
We recommend applying the product with a clean and dry skin. Because if you apply a moisturizer before or after, it affects the transfer-proof effect so that the product may transfer easily.

How long do the results last?
Usually the color will stay put for at least 3 days before you need to reapply the product.

How do I know my shade?
We recommend choosing the color that most matches your skin tone from our color chart.If you would like a little bit of a tan always pick a shade one tone
darker than your skin tone. We also offer shade customizers the ‘’Mix to Magic’’ that can be added together with Bombshell to adjust your shade until you reach your desired color.

Can I apply a sunscreen?
After the product is completely dry you can apply your sunscreen on top of it.  Note that your sunscreen might interfere with the product transfer-proof. We recommend applying the sunscreen the following day, so the product Is already well absorbed by the skin.

Can I go to the pool using Bombshell Body and Leg Makeup?
Absolutely! Once the product dries it becomes waterproof and transfer-proof and it will not come off with water.

How can I cover a big tattoo?
We recommend using thin layers. First you apply a small layer and wait until it dries. Then a second layer. Then a third layer until you reach
your desired level of coverage.

How long does it will take for Bombshell to dry?
It really depends on how much product was used. Usually for a thin layer it will take from 3-5 minutes.
We always recommend doing a patch test first so you can make sure the product is completely dry.

Can Bombshell Body and Leg Makeup be used on the face?
Yes! Bombshell Body and Leg Makeup can also be used and as a concealer or foundation as you prefer.

How to remove Bombshell Body and Leg Makeup?
Bombshell Body and Leg Makeup can  be  removed  with  any  oil  based  makeup remover.

Does Bombshell have shimmer?
No, Bombshell Body and Leg Makeup has a matte finish.
If you wish to add some glow to it we recommend using our body and hair
shimmer, Luminate, on top of it or to add the Mix to Magic Golden universal.


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