PRE TAN Exfoliator bar soap

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  • Use to gently scrub and exfoliate, remove dead skin cells, cosmetics, and tanning spray residue; delivers best tanning results when used with Best Bronze Self-Tanning Spray
  • 100% pure plant ingredients, including moisturizing Shea Butter and crushed apricot seeds for gentle, effective exfoliation; completely non-toxic ingredients, no dyes, attractive fragrance
  • Improves tanning spray effectiveness, for a more even and deeper tan that lasts longer between applications
  • Nourishes and heals skin, stimulates circulation, leaves a refreshing and clean sensation all over your body; optimal pre-tan treatment for the perfect, deep golden tan every time
  • Convenient size 3.17 oz. bar


Product Description

PRE-TAN EXFOLIATOR SOAP by Best Bronze prepares your skin for perfect self-tanning spray results, to get the deep and dark tan that super models have and you've always wanted! Gently exfoliate your skin, scrub away dead skin cells and cosmetics, nourish your skin, and finish feeling deliciously clean and revitalized!

Professional Pre-Tan Skin Care

PRE-TAN EXFOLIATOR SOAP by Best Bronze is how gorgeous tans happen. All it takes is a few minutes to not only prep your skin, but to soothe and nourish it. This deep cleansing skin treatment bar is formulated to professional standards for effectiveness. Pre-tan treatment ensures your tan is even and deep, and proper exfoliation makes your spray tan last longer.

 Bar soap is much easier to use, more effective, and more comfortable than harsh exfoliators. Our PRE-TAN EXFOLIATOR SOAP works fantastic on your skin, but is very gentle and soothing. The deep clean sensation it leaves is comfortable and lasting!

Enjoy the clean, attractive fragrance that makes Best Bronze's PRE-TAN EXFOLIATOR SOAP, a favorite of professional models and serious bikini enthusiasts!

100% All-Plant Ingredients 

All ingredients are sourced from plants, including 100% all-natural Shea Butter, for superior moisturizing ability, and 100% all-natural crushed apricot seeds, which are a very effective and gentle exfoliating agent.

PRE-TAN EXFOLIATOR SOAP by Best Bronze is tested and completely safe to use, with no chemical dyes or harsh additives. Check other products and make certain you know you are buying a healthy, safe skin care product.

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